“Woz” Up?

‘Just Jack’ and PUKE.
April 2, 2008, 3:35 pm
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Jack. The Cat. Pukes.

This is a cruel and unusual world. Why? Because yesterday, when I spent the day with my mother, the stupid new cat decided it would be a good time to get sick. Very sick. Every time he woke up I had to get up, run to pick him up and put him on the hard wood floor so he could puke anywhere but the carpet.

Deb would have preffered that I stick his head in the trash can, but I’d rather wipe it off the floor. Either way, he puked like 6 times after I got home to start cleaning up after him. He only once made it to the litter box. Puke-Face.

If he’s still puking tonight he’s going to the vet. He wasn’t puking this morning. So, we’ll see.

Someone, PLEASE make the cat stop vomiting. Really, he’s gonna strip the paint off the walls. Or I’m gonna step in it. And that’s just yucky.

So, someone get JACK OFF the carpet. Heheh Jack-Off. (Yeah, we like his name. We’re ten year olds.)