“Woz” Up?

Salt: a love/hate relationship.
March 19, 2008, 4:00 pm
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So, it’s well known by many that I have salt issues. Not like, it’s falling out of my ears or anything, or that I don’t like it. I like salt, I REALLY REALLY DO. I just forget to add salt.

Case in point: Egg drop soup. I always buy low sodium broth if I’m buying stock (I’m LAZY! Yeah, I know, I hate me too.) About two weeks ago I made egg drop soup and somehow neglected the salt. It tasted like crap. And I was left to wonder why. In my saltless stupor.

Deborah then swooped in and salted the soup, making it taste not bland. I was forced to admit defeat. Damn.

This leads me to wonder. Why do I neglect the salt so much? I’m a big fan of kosher salt. I like it better than granulated. (Damn you Alton Brown!) But I haven’t been using kosher salt for about two years. I just forget to buy it. Again, with me sucking at life.

This leads me to my next idea. I’ve been planning a pantry stocking set of entries, and with my salt prompting I think it’s time. So Item one on the “Well Stocked Pantry” list is: Kosher Salt (unless you need the iodine. Then you’re beat.)

One final thought: Iodized salt: They iodize salt to prevent thyroid problems. Like goiters! Fun. So if you’re going to make the switch, eat some sushi once in a while. (It has iodine too.) Yeah.