“Woz” Up?

Obligatory Description

I hate about me pages. I like bullet points. Guess what’s coming up?

I Am:

  • A chick
  • Italian/Polish/some other stuff
  • Pessimistically Optimistic
  • Former President of the LGBT Rights group on my campus (told you!)
  • Pretty damn short
  • From New England
  • Freakishly strong for my size
  • Bitchy, moody, hyper, obnoxious, and whiny
  • Lazy
  • A Bio Major

I Have:

  • A Mac (with a dent in it from yesterday’s brush with gravity)
  • ADHD, of which I’m oddly proud of. Yes, really.
  • Excessive amounts of energy. (See second bullet point)
  • A girlfriend who is Jersey Trash
  • A small kitchen, but a love of food.
  • A large lack of free time (due to the fourth bullet point, I believe)
  • Two gay cats.
  • A pretty damn good life.
  • One third of a house in South Philadelphia
  • No Soul. I sold it to Temple University. Long Ago.
  • An obsession with crew. Still.
  • And an obsession with Horses. (I’ve ridden and trained for about 14 years.)
  • One Living Parent (My crazy, psycho, Italian Mother. Love Her. GO MOMMA WOZ!)

I Like:

  • Not Putting this list in order of most liked things
  • FOOD!!!
  • Biology
  • Gays LGBT Rights Stuff
  • My Girlfriend
  • Music
  • Musical Theatre (told you I was gay.)
  • My Roommates
  • My Friends
  • Torturing my cat(s) (One in Philly, one in CT, she lives with my Aunt…pity the cat.)
  • Torturing my roommate’s cat
  • Never finishing this page.

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