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July 20, 2008, 5:04 pm
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So, I bet you think that this random college kid has no idea about nuclear power, refining fuel, and long term waste storage. Well, guess what, I might as well have been raised in a spent fuel pool up in CY (Connecticut Yankee Power Plant), because I know FAR too much about Nuclear Power, and I betcha I understand it better than the Idiot In Chief.

And as such I’d like to inform the public of a few things.

Nuclear Energy: Waste, Power, “Dangers,” Storage, and Research.

First things first: Nuclear Energy IS green energy. Coal and Oil plants release more radioactive particles into the environment than a Nuclear Power facility.

No, I’m not making shit up, it’s true. Coal and Oil burning releases smog, and even with their scrubbers and whatever (that plants only put on to meet with government regulations, if they didn’t have to, they wouldn’t do it). Nuclear plants don’t release ANYTHING. It’s all a closed system. Anything (like water) that flows out of a facility is only used for cooling water in other pipes after it powers turbines.

There’s two schematic drawings that can help explain that here.

Now, how about Nuclear Waste? That green glowing goo stuff? Doesn’t exist. Radioactive waste, both high and low level, is: SOLID. It actually looks like little chunks of re-bar. Yeah. So no green Simpson’s goo. Sorry.

Also, Nuclear Waste is the only power plant waste product that can be reprocessed and USED AGAIN. Yep. You can Reprocess spent fuel rods (aka low level waste…the only kind of waste the US produces right now) multiple times, and get 14-4% waste on all ore.That means we WON’T RUN OUT OF IT LIKE WE WILL OIL. And we can minimize our waste output. (The only difference is that this is reffered to as high level waste, meaning it has a longer decay chain.)


The decay chains of low level and high level waste however, are both BILLIONS OF YEARS. We put them in casks sealed with concrete, then sealed with lead, then sealed with concrete, and we do one of a few things: Put them in Yucca Mountain (which isn’t built yet…Bucking Fush) or we monitor them in spent fuel pool on site at the reactor (ala Connecticut Yankee Power Plant), we launch them into the sun (yeah, no), or we put them in cold storage (no, it’s not a fridge, it’s just underground), or use it for research, or many many other things.

One thing? Reprocessing waste has been illegal since the Carter administration. Why? Carter was afraid of the science. No. Really.

Also, there has never been a Nuclear Waste incident. Evar.

Oh, and all of those “Nuclear Power Plant Disasters?” Chernobyl? Well they DIDN’T HAVE A CONTAINMENT BUILDING. Or TRAINING for their employees. They didn’t know what the fuck they were DOING!!!!! Like a monkey playing with a frog in a blender…oy. Also, not in the US.

Three Mile Island? Oh Yeah we forgot to tell you that NO ONE WAS INJURED, not even a papercut, NO WASTE WAS RELEASED, and yeah it was a Worst Case Scenario, that ended up with bungled management, yet still was an accident that resulted in NO CASUALTIES. HOW IS THAT A BAD THING?!?!?!

But of course everyone freaked out because they didn’t understand the technology behind reactors and made it a huge deal. Despite the fact that it should have been heralded as a triumph. Fuckingfuckerfuckswithstupidfacescantfuckingtellagoodthingwhentheyhaveone.

Last, but not least, this is all about fission. What about Fusion? The GRAND DADDY of all power? If we figured it out, we’d be literally harnessing the power of the sun. But no, Nukes are Scary!!! Yeah, and learning more about things makes them LESS SCARY.

Finally, I’d just like to say that the stuff that goes into reactors isn’t the stuff that goes into bombs and warheads. Plutonium is not Uranium. Sorry Kids.

And lastly, yes you can run plants with Plutonium, and with the amount of warheads that the US has, we could power the country for 10 years at our current energy consumption. Make Energy Not Bombs.


March 26, 2008, 3:17 am
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I have been discovered.


February 27, 2008, 6:16 pm
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Ask any of my friends. I love to use distilled white vinegar to clean.

My girlfriend likes to HIDE the vinegar if she knows I’m going to head out on a cleaning frenzy. Vicki knows how much I love vinegar. Why? I just recently cleaned her kitchen. She watched. What? I ate her food, so I cleaned up everyone’s mess!

Anyway, vinegar has a million and one uses. My favorite? Cleaning. Floors. Hot as hell water + one or two sploshes of vinegar + a squirt of dish detergent (if it’s really yucky)= cheap, easy and REALLY effective cleaning solvent. Don’t be afraid to get on your hands and knees with a sponge, this stuff can’t hurt you.

Also, use a shallow dish or bowl of vinegar as an ashtray to get rid of cigarette smoke smells.

I’ve used it to get basic stains out of fabric, disgusting gunk off of dishes, disgusting gunk off of shoes, sticker goo off of most surfaces, clean eye glasses, and pretty much everything else. I’m just saying, we use H2SO4 in labs, and using acetic acid at home is pretty much the same idea.

My other favorite cleaning solution additive? Ammonia.