“Woz” Up?

February 28, 2008, 10:28 pm
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Yeah, so I felt bad not posting anything about ammonia whilst having all that stuff about vinegar. I’m doing my part to make ammonia feel better, so shush.

Aside from washing the floors and WINDOWS (8 parts hot water 1 part ammonia, Windex wishes it was this good) the place I use ammonia the most is, surprisingly, the kitchen sink.

It cuts grease, no, REALLY. You know how you leave some yummy baked mac and cheese in your spiffy Gladware, and then soak it in your nasty baking pan with soap…and then it all gets grimy? Yeah, I know, it sucks. Half a cap of ammonia, no more ick!

It rocks in the bathroom (kills soap scum, woot!)

It gets all the junk off of your oven (Leave a bowl/pan of HOT, maybe even boiling water and ammonia in your oven overnight, with the gas and pilot light off, then scrub the sides.)

And, it cleans up tarnished silver (not that I have any).

Oh, and for the gardeners, there’s a few alkaline loving plant food recipes that have ammonia.

Last, but not least, put it on mosquito bites. It burns, but the bite won’t itch anymore.

One more thing: Don’t EVER, EVER mix it with bleach. I know you already knew this, but I had to say it. Kay?


February 27, 2008, 6:16 pm
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Ask any of my friends. I love to use distilled white vinegar to clean.

My girlfriend likes to HIDE the vinegar if she knows I’m going to head out on a cleaning frenzy. Vicki knows how much I love vinegar. Why? I just recently cleaned her kitchen. She watched. What? I ate her food, so I cleaned up everyone’s mess!

Anyway, vinegar has a million and one uses. My favorite? Cleaning. Floors. Hot as hell water + one or two sploshes of vinegar + a squirt of dish detergent (if it’s really yucky)= cheap, easy and REALLY effective cleaning solvent. Don’t be afraid to get on your hands and knees with a sponge, this stuff can’t hurt you.

Also, use a shallow dish or bowl of vinegar as an ashtray to get rid of cigarette smoke smells.

I’ve used it to get basic stains out of fabric, disgusting gunk off of dishes, disgusting gunk off of shoes, sticker goo off of most surfaces, clean eye glasses, and pretty much everything else. I’m just saying, we use H2SO4 in labs, and using acetic acid at home is pretty much the same idea.

My other favorite cleaning solution additive? Ammonia.